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I inherited a very old house in the Yonne built in 1856, there is nothing in it except that a stove and a sink, the floor is Burgundy stone. The walls are very thick there is a vaulted cellar, a small barn, finally a basement total. I have room to put a boiler. I would like to put a central heating but I have no idea what kind of slab thickness and the style of the house. I have everything to do and I do not know how to get there and where to start.

If you want to install a heating system in a second home, electric heat or coolant heating will certainly be the best solution. No need to install anywhere but only in the used parts. Their installation is easy (a simple connection to an electrical network installed for example under PVC skirting) and does not require major work. In this way, you will avoid the painstaking drilling of the stone walls necessary for the pipes to pass through a central heating installation. Remember to provide central control of these devices, with thermostatic control. The "orders" to the devices will pass either by radio or by carrier. You can also use a pilot wire if you remake part of the electrical installation to power these devices. With a telephone transmitter, you can even "launch" your heating a few hours before arriving in your second home.

For installation, refer to our DIY sheet CONNECTING A RADIATOR WITH A FLUID HEAT PUMP.

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