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I have a single detached house for a little over a year and I noticed problems with humidity in the rooms (condensation on the ground and small black spots on the bottom of the walls) window vents, these are rounded and wooden, knowing that there is no VMC, only a hood with extraction to the outside and that I intend to install an aerator in the bathroom.I would like to know how to perform Air vents in the rooms and / or do them because the rate of hydrometry is on average 55% the day and it passes 75% at night.

The question does not specify the time of construction of the house, but one can imagine that it is not recent. If it does not have a VMC, one can deduce that it is a relatively old construction. It is also not specified whether the windows are original or have already been replaced. This is particularly important because the old windows provided a renewal of the air, a little empirical but nevertheless effective. It is also not known if the walls of the house are isolated, even partially.
For all these reasons, it is difficult to come up with an accurate diagnosis and solution. In broad outline, it nevertheless seems obvious that there is a deficit of air renewal. The ideal would probably be to install a VMC, or even a CTA (ventilation by insufflation), easier to install, but a little more expensive in operation. At the same time, it is important to optimize the insulation of walls, uninsulated walls "favoring" problems of condensation and therefore humidity.

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