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We have a concrete terrace (house full foot) overlooking the kitchen. The slab is a continuity of the house. It was covered with gravel slabs. And we noticed that the water was stagnating underneath and seeping into the kitchen. Once the slabs removed and the pseudo screed removed, we could see that the water stagnates strongly behind the kitchen. There is a slope to the kitchen. The concrete slab is now full of irregularities. We would like to cover this slab with natural stone slabs. We have about 9cm between the concrete slab and the step of the kitchen window. How should we proceed? Ragging, screed? Thickness, material?...

To find a slope that allows the rainwater to flow outwards, it is necessary to implement, before the laying of the stones, a thick enough coping on the side of the house, the thickness of which will gradually diminish (reason from 1 to 2 cm / m), to be able to maintain a sufficient and regular slope on all the surface of the terrace. Also plan for storm sewer and drainage systems.

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