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Solve a heating problem on an oven

There are several reasons why an oven does not heat up. To properly diagnose the cause of the failure and find the appropriate solution, proceed step-by-step and perform a series of tests first at the power supply and then at the oven itself.

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Test the oven power

Check that there are no power problems.

Check the oven power supply.

When an oven is not heating up, first make sure it is not a power problem. For this, simply try to turn on the lamp inside the oven (if it has this function).

Check the oven resistances

Select a heating mode.

Test the heating.

If the light comes on, select a heating mode for the oven (here in a rotating heat) and allow it to warm up for a few minutes.

Test the temperature by passing your hand inside the oven.

Check the inside temperature of the oven.

Then turn off the oven and put your hand inside to check that it is heating well.

Test all oven cooking modes.

Test all cooking modes.

It is imperative to test all the proposed cooking methods: hearth heat, grill, natural convection, etc. A little time should be allowed between each test, as the oven must have cooled to be able to know the exact cause of the failure.

Symbols of different cooking modes on an oven.

Modes of cooking a multifunction oven.

Natural convection
Check the hearth and vault resistances if the oven does not heat up in natural convection.
Heat of sole
Replace the hearth heater (located at the bottom) if the oven is not heating in hearth heat.
Grill function
Replace the vault heater (top) if the oven is not heating up.
Replace the circular resistance (in the oven) if the oven is not heating in rotating heat.

Check the operation of the propeller

Locate the location of the screws securing the bottom plate.

Locate the screws.

If the resistors are in good condition, it must be checked that the propeller of the oven is well screwed. To do this, locate the location of the screws of the bottom plate and undo.

After loosening the fixing screws, remove the bottom plate from the oven.

Remove the bottom plate.

To reach the propeller, remove the bottom plate from the oven.

Check that the propeller is secure.

Check the attachment of the propeller

The propeller must turn freely. To function normally, it must be well secured. There must be no game.

Replace the oven bottom plate once the check has been carried out.

Put back the bottom plate.

When this check is complete and the propeller is turning properly on its axis, replace the plate.

Screw in the bottom plate of the oven.

Screw back the plate.

Screw in the bottom plate of the oven using a suitable screwdriver.

Test the oven motor

Test the motor and the oven fan.

Test the motor and the fan

It remains now to test the motor and the oven fan.

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