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Hello Christian and the whole team I bought an apartment and I have a problem with the lighting in the living room. It is originally controlled by presence detector cells (which I disassembled because HS) in addition there is an infrared switch (also HS); so to illuminate / turn off my living room I directly activate the on / off button receivers supposed to work with the cells or the switch. You will understand that this situation can only be temporary and that I am eager to switch on / off in a more conventional way. What do you advise me and how can I proceed? Thank you for taking the time to respond. P.S: when we disassemble the switch there is no electrical wire connecting the receivers...

You do not give any indication of the brand of your equipment, which makes it difficult to diagnose based on the manufacturer's installation recommendations. To the description of the installation, it appears that the system, when in a state of function, includes a transmitter (connected to nothing) with an infrared cell operating on an area of ​​"X" degrees, and a receiver (connected to the mains), with variable connection power, for example to switch on one or more lamps, depending on the receiver. The transmitter operates by radio and the receiver receives this wave, which will trigger the ignition of a lamp or other device.
In the present case, the simplest is to buy an equivalent system, for example in supermarkets DIY, for a cost that remains low (less than 100 euros) to replace the defective elements, because apparently there is no (or no more) manual control system by switch.

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