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I am an assiduous of your emission and your advice. Owner of a house with roof terrace of 1970. During the construction the evacuation was badly positioned compared to the slopes of this one and is found at a high point. This causes a puddle of water that dries with the wind of our region (autan wind Toulouse). The surface of this puddle (15m2) at the deepest (2 cm) partially surrounds a chimney to pour out during a rain.Jusqu't present no problem of sealing. How to reduce it? Cement: the mason does not want, (pretext detachment). Would there be a solution to no longer have this puddle for my peace on my terrace.

The bricklayer is right in refusing: only a sealer could possibly intervene, by depositing the sealing part concerned, to recreate a suitable form of slope, as well as a new waterproofing coating on the concerned part. Such an intervention will be expensive.
However, if for many years this puddle does not generate disorders, why not continue living with? Note that many roof terraces have a slope O°, that is to say completely flat and can keep a large puddle without prejudice to the rooms located under the terrace.

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