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I noticed cracks at the junction of the facade wall and gable, brick house built in 1986: what to do?

The appearance of cracks on facades can have multiple causes. On a thirty-year-old house that has not been the subject of work affecting the structure, it may be land movements: sliding, settling or swelling in the case of clay soil, or weakening of foundations, linked to the appearance of springs, of descents of water which progressively undermine the bottom of a wall, buried and cracked pipes, etc.
Before considering a treatment, it is important first to define the cause of the cracks, but also to check if the crack is stable or if it continues to open.
Once these points are checked, two ways are possible:
1) If the crack is not very wide and stabilized, you will be able to close it easily after having opened it with a triangular scraper.
2) if the crack continues to open, or opens and closes according to the siaoson, it is necessary to call on a company specialized in foundations and work in underpinnings (who will realize micro-piles or resin injections), then to a masonry company for repairs to be made on the facades.

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