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I own a house located in Chartres (28) built a little over 30 years ago. It was built on a buried basement total. It is in this basement that there is a problem of humidity. The basement is composed of 4 rooms (15 to 20m ²). It is on the northernmost one that I found that part of the walls was wet to half height and the tiled floor. The humidity level is the highest on the ground and decreases when going back to the ceiling. This room has a new rectangular garage window and reinforcing the absence of air. I brought MURPROTEC who advised me to put a ventilation system to solve the problem. The snag: estimate of € 5,000 for this installation in a room that is not a piece of life but various storage. Is there another solution and less expensive?

Solving a moisture problem in a cellar involves properly diagnosing the causes.
Ventilating is good, attacking the causes is better, because according to your explanations, it is not a question of condensation problem.
In this case, the moisture can come from the outer lands (themoisture goes through the wall), but also of the soil itself (hair lifts). In addition, the fact of having installed a sealed window does not favor the evacuation of the humidity, whatever its origin.
Everything then depends on the intended use of this piece. If you are aiming for a total absence of humidity, it is best to work outside, to clear the soil to the foundation, to install a drain, to cover the buried wall with a waterproof coating.
If these comings of moisture are combined with capillary rise, it is necessary to inject at the bottom of the walls resins which will form a waterproof barrier, which will prevent moisture from rising in the walls.
Tiled floors can also be damp due to condensation problems. Here again, we find the negative impact of a carpentry too tight
At first, you can also install a good power electric dehumidifier.

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