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I have a 2 year old house (2013). It's about the shower, after putting an extra flat resin tray that cracked we opted for a small tiled concrete slab. Even having paid attention to achieving the level of tightness, there must be a defect because water passes behind the faience and between the faience and the glass wall. I will remake the silicone seal but I would have liked to strengthen the seal by applying (roller) a transparent resin in the junction between the ground and the walls or even mount 1 meter directly on the faience. I wanted to know if this kind of product exists?

Thedurable sealing of a shower area passes by the respect of some unavoidable points, in a precise order:
1) seal volume by laying a sealing coating dedicated liquid for this purpose,
2) shower tray installation
3) Implementation of a peripheral seal bottom
4) Laying earthenware that comes to a stop at 5 mm from the shower tray
5) implementation of a flexible seal peripheral.
When you removed the resin shower tray and replaced it with a tiled concrete slab, you could not reconstruct all of the points 1 to 5, which probably caused the leaks.
Applying a colorless resin is not a reliable solution in time, it is necessary to solve the problem at the base, at the level of the earthenware bond and concrete slab, probably by breaking the lowest row of earthenware, in order to be able to respect points 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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