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Notice to fans of wood heating! If you want to test the compact logs to save yourself the stress of using conventional logs, here are some tips to guide you in your choice.

The essence of wood and the appearance of logs

The appearance of a log from compressed wood, densified or compacted, gives you some valuable information on its quality. Its color defines its essence. When the crust of the compressed log is brown or black, it is usually a log reconstituted from oak and beech. However, oak and beech are species known for their ability to provide firewood with high calorific value. It is therefore wood species that will be the most effective for heating your living room.

different types of compressed logs

The quality of compression: a determining factor

If the crust of the densified log is lightly cooked and varnished, it is the pledge among other things, a compression of quality. The texture of the log is another element to take into account. The compressed firewood offered for delivery must meet certain constraints: the core of the compressed log must be well compact and composed of fine sawdust for better fire resistance. In order to guarantee a high calorific and energy supply, the production of firewood is a compression process, at a high rate. The wood energy must be reconstituted from the recycling of sawdust and untreated chips which are then dried, crushed and compressed to form finally a log densified and excellent quality.

A solution to say goodbye to wet wood

The essential condition of a good firewood is above all its low humidity. To summarize: the more dry your wood is, the more it releases heat and the less it clogs your installation. Incomplete combustion is also potentially polluting. Among the different suppliers on the market, Brazeco offers compressed logs that guarantee a moisture content of less than 9%, which is two times lower than that of traditional wood, and therefore a cleaner heating for your lungs and your environment.

Some tips for finding the best compressed firewood: best

A 100% natural solution

Bringing together all the qualities of the best firewood, some brands produce logs that have the advantage of being 100% natural. No chemical additive is therefore added, only lignin naturally present in the wood allows, the time of compression, to assemble the material. This is also the case of Brazeco compressed logs, which also have the advantage of being able to be bought either in a depot near your home, or in home delivery, which will also prevent you from breaking your back.. The compressed logs are packaged in easy-to-wear cartons, which will allow the transport and storage of your firewood to no longer be a chore!

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