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SOS Mosquitoes.

With the coming of the beautiful days, the insects point the end of their stingers. Between mosquitoes, spiders and flies, some houses are literally invaded by an unwanted population. Repetitive stings and buzzing you insupport? The solutions exist but still it is necessary to find the good ones. This week, HandymakerDuenchie offers and compares different ways to get rid of those guests who will never be welcome at home

Pharmacies and supermarkets abound with a multitude of products of the most varied, which promise you mounts and wonders against insects. Unfortunately, many of them are totally ineffective. Forget about the ultrasounds against which insects show a formidable strength of adaptation. Innovative UV lamps are also to be banned because they do not attract the pests but make havoc among other flying insects. As for mosquito coils they are not usable indoors, asphyxiating mosquitoes and humans at the same time.

The classical methods

This summer, protect yourself from mosquitoes

With a ridiculous price and efficiency that depends only on you, the fly swatter seems a fun way to get rid of other annoying flies. In the same vein, paper kills fly, also economic, no longer needs to prove itself but still remains a solution can be more unsightly.

The famous lemongrass, declined in all forms by manufacturers: candles sprays patches; performs only in a very limited radius and its effect is relatively short in time. Much more effective, the mosquito repellent you guarantee a long-term protection but also more expensive. In addition they also give off bad smells. Aerosol insecticides and other fumigants are very effective in the short term but to proscribe as much as possible because harmful to our environment.

With very convincing results the mosquito net eliminates almost all the risks of stinging by preventing insects from returning home. There are a large number of models, removable mosquito nets, fixed standard mosquito nets for windows and doors, custom-made mosquito nets for non-standard sizes, and sliding rails on rails. We will be sure to come back soon on this topic.

Very simple to make yourself, wasps traps wasps and bees are infallible, HandymanDuanche, explains how to make this system:

Cut the top of a plastic bottle 15 cm below the neck to obtain a funnel.
Drop some jam or honey at the bottom of the bottle.
Then re-insert the cut part of the bottle upside down, the neck down.
Place your trap at the desired location.
Once the trap is put in place, the bees and wasps will get bogged down in the bottom of your bottle that will become their coffin.

The most recent methods

This summer, protect yourself from mosquitoes

The new generation lotions and body sprays are quite reliable but some contain harmful components for young children. Diethyl Toluamide, more commonly known as DEET, is the most common risk product. So study carefully the composition of this type of repellent and do not choose a cheap model to avoid any nasty surprises.

Very active, anti-mosquito bracelets, composed of a mixture of essential oils, geraniol and other active molecules, keep the mosquitoes away for a fortnight. Note that they are not suitable for children under 3 years and pregnant women.

Very effective but still little known, insecticidal paints are a more than satisfactory solution: at their contact, the nervous system of insects is immediately destroyed. This type of painting applies in a very classic way and does not require any specific treatment.

The most natural methods

This summer, protect yourself from mosquitoes

Although sometimes a remedy for grandmother, some tips are just as effective as the products marketed. For example, place an orange peeled with cloves in the center of a room. This combination produces a repellent smell for mosquitoes without disturbing you. there are also some plants such as geranium, basil and ivy that have specific virtues and therefore repel the majority of insects.

After this anti-mosquito article, you will not be able to complain about being bitten by this or that insect. And if you suffer from insomnia you can always have fun with the "taser" special insects, modern version of the swatter. This electric racquet will get rid of the toughest pests by electrocuting them.

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