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We have a standard range house built with simple interior honeycomb partitions. I would like to know how to double some of these partitions to improve the sound attenuation which is very low. The problem is that I do not have a large thickness (less than 5 cm margin) and most of all I would like to do this in record time (18m linear in one afternoon) because the tiler starts his work next week. I thought to double with Placo Phonic simply screwed on the existing partitions (without glass wool or framing but still on each side) but I do not know if it will be worth it, even if the investment is low and that my requirements in terms of weakening are too (just do not hear any murmur in the room next door). What do you think?

the ideal would obviously be to replace purely and simply this kind of partition by a better sounding system. I have several solutions to propose to you: the system PLACO®PHONIQUE which is very recent and particularly powerful, or an application of NO-NOISE, of ONDULINE.

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