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I am in an apartment. The sounds of the common level are very important. To insulate "phonically" my dining room of this landing and not to change an entrance door (very expensive armored), I would like to mount a partition and install an interior door to create a "mini hall" that I isolate noise from the bearing. What do you recommend me as a material: PF3 plasterboard and door? What type?

It would be best to first isolate the entire inner surface of the wall with this landing. Insulation by Placo®Phonique is a good solution. Consult our sheet ACOUSTIC INSULATION BY PLATES PLACO PHONIQUE dedicated to the realization of this installation.

However, noise from ground resonance phenomena (heels, elevator shaft noise, etc.) is still likely to spread through the materials. To remedy this you can at the same time isolate your soil by creating a DRY CHAPE. Remember that a thick fabric door will block much of the noise at this level.

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