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The rule of 22 hours is a myth. It is no more permissible to disturb one's neighbors by day than by night. Nothing on the noisy nights supposedly allowed at the rate of one a month.
In fact, the administration considers that a noise is likely to "undermine tranquility" when it emerges from 3 dB at night and 5 dB during the day in a calm atmosphere (20 dB), and that extends for more than 30 minutes.

Among the most frequent complaints, we find the barking (23%) followed by the alarm sirens, the noise of DIY and those of a building site...
Faced with these nuisances, two options arise. Either politely ask your neighbor to make less noise, which is usually enough. Either call the police or the appropriate administrative services in your city who can "send sworn agents to measure and record the offense for the purpose of drawing up a report".

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