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The mandatory quote, from € 150 of work, is most often free. What are the pitfalls to avoid to avoid any dispute from this document that has legally value of contract, what are the specificities of the craftsman craftsman's estimate?

The essential elements of a quote

Before making one or more quotes, check that your provider is well registered in the chamber of trades and crafts. All you have to do is write down the SIRET number and make sure it is active.

Are obligatory, the date on which the estimate is established, the name of the craftsman carpenter, your coordinates and the detailed count of the quantities and the unit price of each material. Finally must appear, the cost of labor and the total amount of works HT and TTC.

Remember to mention the start date of the work, the end date and the date of the guarantees to which you are entitled. In the case of a Eligibility for the tax credit, check that the writing is correct.

Considered as a commercial gesture, the quote is most often free. But it can pay, when to establish it, the craftsman must move often and provide complex studies. This must of course be included in the quote. Note: this amount is often deducted from the final invoice, as soon as the quote is validated.

The peculiarities of the artisan craftsman's quote

Carpenter craftsmen are used to carry out the work as quickly as possible, in one day preferably, except complications. The date of start and end of the work, on time, commits you as much as they do. Make sure you can be present on the day. Give a clear address with access codes, if any, to avoid delays.

Most carpenter craftsmen are committed to the cleanliness of the premises at the end of the work. This is for the outside as well as the inside. You are therefore entitled to demand this point and claim in case of breaches.

If the craftsman does not offer you labeled windowsdo not forget to ask for it and postpone the benefits to the quote.
Here are the two most important labels.

  • The Cekal label guarantees the tightness of double glazing for 10 years for any type of window. It is essential to benefit from tax benefits.
  • The CSTBat label, allows you to have a guarantee of 10 years, pledge of quality, on all windows in wood, PVC or aluminum.

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