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At a distance, any wind turbine seems to operate slowly a few revolutions per minute. However, on closer inspection, she does a lot more and can reach several hundred miles per hour. Overview of the parameters determining the speed of a domestic wind turbine.

What speed for a domestic wind turbine?

In addition to the specific properties of each piece of equipment, the speed of a particular wind turbine depends on two elements.

The strength of the wind on the one hand, between 14 and 90 km / hour on average, allows the blades, generally three in number, to move and rotate from 10 to 25 revolutions per minute. This speed of rotation is otherwise limited because of the blade size.

On the other hand, the wind turbine is composed a generator, masterpiece of the mechanism, which itself is endowed with a multiplier. It can be related to a car alternator, and works by multiplying the speed of the wind picked up by the blades. He can thus realize until 1,000 rpm according to the weather conditions.

How to optimize the speed of a wind turbine for particular?

Optimizing the speed of a domestic wind turbine, and therefore its energy production, is essentially the result of its location, which should allow it to capture the wind. Indeed, each type of wind turbine is set to operate at the best of its performance regardless of the strength of the wind.

Thus, any wind turbine is able to orient yourself towards the wind, to adapt to the speed fluctuations of this one and to continue operating at full power even if it is weaker, but also to stop automatically in the event of violent climatic conditions such as storms for example. If in fact some wind turbines can withstand extreme situations, they are stopped well before the winds exceed 90 km / hour, so as not to damage the device and avoid any risk of premature wear, and more generally to guarantee an optimal level of security.

This function is ensured by a control system consisting of an anemometer that continuously measures the wind force, and a brake that mechanically stops the rotation of the blades in case of need.

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