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It is funnily elegant, this recessed spotlight: Discreet or design, it can withstand the cold, humidity. Small, he sneaks into your closets! Whether your decor is rustic or modern, you can adopt it without risking taste. In a few years, it has become unavoidable.

Recessed spots under kitchen cabinet

Recessed spots under kitchen cabinet

The downlight, a friend who wants you good!

As its name suggests, the recessed spot fits into a ceiling or in a furniture. His discretion allows him to adapt to all styles of decoration. In recent times, however, recessed spotlights have taken on color and are dressed in crystal, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. If they lose in discretion, then they become an element of the set in itself.

  • In the kitchenthey are perfect for illuminating your work plan without leaving a shadow. In general lighting with several spots installed in a false ceiling, you can spread the light throughout the room especially if your spots are adjustable: one to the dining area, the other to the central island, etc..
  • In the living room or in the dining room, the principle is the same: in general lighting, they will give your ceiling a contemporary note. If they are adjustable, they can be directed where you need light (table, reading corner) or to accentuate the contours of a beautiful object.
  • In the bathroom, subject to compliance with the safety rules for implantation in a damp environment (IP standards), they will give you direct light. However, do not choose too much power. Well dressed or makeup, it is you who must dazzle, not the spots!
  • In the dressing room, to help you choose the right shirt or your most beautiful dress, extra flat LED spots recessed under the shelves are essential accomplices.
  • Outsidethey mark the edge of the terrace or the risers of a staircase. Integrated in the pool or in a plunge pool, they will give an incomparable cachet to your garden. But beware, a ceiling spotlight is not designed to settle on the ground.

Choose the right bulb for your downlights

Depending on the location of installation, depending on the need for brightness and energy saving, do not hesitate to use several types of bulbs. Enjoy the qualities of each. For example, plume compact fluorescents for ceiling lighting with halogen or LEDs to accentuate a few specific points.

  • The most economical bulb is the compact fluorescent. In addition it does not fear moisture and does not heat (important quality for installation in a false ceiling). On the other hand, its rendering of the colors is the least good. Preferably choose a warm or neutral white. Not all spots accept it.
  • The halogen bulb will give you a beautiful light with excellent color rendering but even in economic version, it is greedy energy. To highlight an object or to illuminate a work plan or bar, it is perfect. But beware, it gives off a lot of heat.
  • The LED bulb is the most expensive to buy but the least greedy. It is ideal to create a path of light in the garden, illuminate the pool or punctuate a particular place in the house or in the kitchen.
  • Often you have the choice between a conventional 230 V installation or a 12 V installation. For the latter, you need to plan the transformer. In a bathroom, the latter is appropriate.

Precautions for use of the recessed spot

  • In general lighting, you need to choose enough spots: neither too much nor not enough to leave no shadow. In principle, for a living room-stay must at least get 300 lux per square meter, for an office the need is 400 to 500 lux and for a room 200 lux are enough. The number of spots therefore depends on their power, which is expressed in Watt (W).
  • When installing in a false ceiling, remember to take into account a minimum distance of 10 cm between the ceiling itself and the false ceiling. This allows good ventilation of both the bulbs and the transformer of the 12 V installations and the evacuation of the heat release. Spotlights must also be placed at least 50 cm away from flammable materials.
  • Even if they are more expensive to purchase adjustable recessed spotlights, and / or fitted with reflectors are much more interesting. Being able to orient the bulb will help you avoid glare and direct light where you need it. The reflector him, will focus the light beam and accentuate the contrasts.

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