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How to resist the concrete spray? Durable material, simple implementation, it combines all these qualities, an undeniable aesthetic appearance. Its refined hues, the possibility of including motifs make it the material par excellence of contemporary terraces.

Concrete spray, definition

As the name suggests, the concrete spray is a fine powder which mixed with resin, applies to the gun. This method of application makes it possible to vaporize a thin layer of this particular mortar. Its rendering is finely granulated. It is wonderful for to put on the terraces or the edges of a pool.
It is also possible to put it with a trowel. Whatever its mode of application, it is easy to clean and maintain. Only restriction, it can apply only on existing coating which must be in good condition for the renovation to all have its effect. It can be slabs, mortar, asphalt, concrete, etc.

Concrete spray, its finishes

The concrete spray shows the color. It is available in all shades of gray, but also in sand, ivory, red, orange or brown tones. It is of course possible to choose several colors to punctuate certain areas: the edges or the center of a terrace for example.
You can also have a crush on waxed concrete. After the projection of the spray, it is necessary to use a trowel to float the concrete, ie equalize the surface. Once well smoothed, then simply pass a layer of protective varnish which will give it a slightly shiny appearance, as after passing a layer of wax.

The concrete spray not only allows you to play with the shades but also to create trompe l'oeil shapes and patterns. It is possible to ignore natural materials to get a look "paved" or "slabs". And thanks to the projection of several layers using stencils, patterns, volutes, arabesques, drawings look good. To make the French gardens pale.

To note. Concrete spray is sold as a kit. The two most common are:

  • Spray kit mortar on concrete, including a primer, a concrete spray, a concrete varnish and a spray gun.
  • The Mortar Spray kit on tiles including the epoxy resin, a bag of dry sand, a mortar spray, a concrete varnish and a gun to project the concrete.

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