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I would like to spray paint with a water paint I have a gun with which I worked only with solvent-based paints: I am told that it is not possible and that I have to change pistol.

Although never having been specifically confronted with this problem, it is not different from the one that arises when one wants to use brushes used for solvent paint to paint with "water" paint. Here is what I would do: 1. clean your gun with a solvent and purge it (solvent spray until complete clarification of the liquid outlet) 2. completely disassemble the gun and clean each part, always with solvent 3. soak the parts in a mixture of water and detergent (dishwashing liquid type) 4. brush the parts and rinse them, then dry them 5. purge the gun with this liquid, then with pure water

I think after this treatment you should be able to reuse your gun with a water-based paint.

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