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Spread mortar with Etalvit: spread

Use Etalvit Designed to make our job easier, Etalvit is a new tool to save valuable time when laying mortar. Here are some tips to help you get started and use Etalvit, a tool recognized by the pros.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tool and materials needed:

A Etalvit

Step 1: Etalvit preparation

Spread mortar with Etalvit: mortar

When using for the first time, you will need to adjust the cap to choose the amount of mortar to deposit. We recommend 18mm.

Step 2: the mortar

Spread mortar with Etalvit: spread

Fill the Etalvit container with a shovel or bucket with a soft mortar. With three buckets, you make a bed of mortar four to five meters linear in forty seconds.

Step 3: pass Etalvit

Spread mortar with Etalvit: spread

Pull the device using the two handles on your Etalvit
Thanks to the four pads under the Etalvit, the device slides easily along the wall.
The mortar comes out of the adjustable cap and settles on the building blocks in a perfectly regular way, which facilitates the continuation of the operations.

Video Instruction: