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Maintain your heating system

The spring cleaning of its heating: spring

Accidents caused by lack of maintenance of heating installations are commonplace. Between boiler explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning and domestic fires, the consequences can be dramatic. That's why HandymanDuDimanche invites you to regularly maintain your entire heating system and not just legal obligations.

Wood heating maintenance

The spring cleaning of its heating: spring

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, the regional health regulations require you to have your chimney swept once a year for gaseous fuels and twice a year for solid and liquid fuels such as wood and fuel oil. This operation must be carried out by an authorized professional, who will provide you with a certificate for your insurance and will ask you between forty and seventy euros. Without this, you will not be covered in case of problems. Thus, even if you find chimney sweeping logs and cleaning brushes, we strongly advise you to use a chimney sweep. It is also necessary to check from time to time the correct operation of the entire ventilation system and dust off the air inlets and outlets. In addition, every three years, the legislation requires you to have the flue gas tightness checked by a professional. Finally, take advantage of the spring cleaning to refurbish the plate and the mantel of your chimney with adapted products or to clean the glass of the stove or the insert.

Boiler maintenance

The spring cleaning of its heating: spring

With regard to boilers, the law requires you to have it serviced at least once a year by a qualified professional. During the visit, the latter is supposed to check all the safety and control devices of the boiler but also the combustion, not to mention the disassembly, cleaning and adjustment of the burner. On the other hand, your landlord does not have the right to impose an annual maintenance contract with the company of his choice, unless it is registered on your lease. The annual maintenance contract guarantees you in theory the free and fast intervention of a professional in case of problem. Attention, the parts are usually the responsibility of the tenant, or the owner if the work is important especially in case of replacement of the boiler or one of its components.

Heating circuit maintenance

The spring cleaning of its heating: heating

After being heavily stressed during the winter period, your heating circuit may contain some air bubbles. So we suggest you purge it before turning it off permanently in the summer season by cutting off your power supply and then turning the radiator bleed screw. In addition, it is advisable to drain and defogger your entire heating circuit every five years or so. Unless you have solid knowledge of the subject, it is better to call on a qualified craftsman.

Whatever the type of interview, HandymanDuenchanche advises you to have a professional help you, or to take a lot of information before you start.

The other aspects of the "Spring Cleaning" file: Introduction. The exterior. Plumbing. The coatings.

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