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Want to sell your property? Discover the major steps that mark the sale of real estate, from your decision and until the day of signing the final deed of sale at the notary.

The stages of selling a property

The stages of selling a property

The very first step of the sale is to find a buyer

Before starting the steps of the transaction itself, you will have to find a buyer. For this, two solutions are available to you: you can go through a real estate agency or sell the property by yourself, from individual to individual.

Anyway, you will have to respect some important phases:

  • Estimate the price of your property.
  • Write ads or sign a mandate in a real estate agency that will take care of it.
  • Welcome visitors.
  • Study the offers of purchase which are proposed to you.

The signing of a promise or a sales agreement is the first formal step of the sale

Among the people who visited your property, one of them made you a satisfactory offer and you agreed on all the points. You will therefore, as the case may be, sign:

  • A promise of sale: this act is binding only on you as a seller, because you agree to reserve your property for this purchaser if he decides to lift the option and therefore to confirm the purchase of your property.
  • A sales agreement: this act commits both parties who decide that the sale will take place under the conditions they have provided. The contract may, however, include conditions precedent (such as obtaining a loan for the buyer, for example).

The stages of the sale of real estate: do not forget the realization of the diagnoses

To be able to sell your property, you must obligatorily carry out real estate diagnostics which will be provided to the purchaser at the latest for the signature of the definitive deed of sale. You will need to have these diagnoses made at your expense, unless the real estate agency offers you their cost. These mandatory diagnoses are:

  • The lead diagnosis, asbestos and termites.
  • The diagnosis on gas and electricity installations.
  • The diagnosis of energy performance.
  • The state of natural and technological risks.
  • The mortgage state.
  • The calculation of the Loi Carrez area that is mandatory for condominium properties.

Transmission of documents to the notary: an important step

Before signing, and to allow the notary to build his file, you must give him the documents he asks you. For example, some of the documents related to the condominium if you sell an apartment.

Last step of the sale of a property: the signing of the deed of sale at the notary

The signing of the deed of sale Definitive at the notary usually occurs between 3 and 4 months after the signing of the preliminary contract (promise or compromise of sale). Before signing, the notary will verify the validity of the contract and will ensure that the keys are handed over. It is during this signature that the purchaser will have to pay the amount of the sale price reduced by the immobilization allowance, as well as the notary fees.

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