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The wood undergoes multiple aggressions that will deteriorate its appearance and weaken its structure. Wood wood stain protects your property from moisture, fungi and insects in a sustainable way, while leaving the veins of your wood noticeable. Easy to use, it will be chosen according to the task at hand, namely a first application or a renovation of your floor.

A woodstain adapted to the wooden floor?

It's a finish and protection product for wood. The stain is defined as water repellent and microporous. It prevents the penetration of water, protects from UV rays while allowing the wood to breathe. Composed of a binder (acrylic resins, alkyds...) and a solvent (white spirit, water...) the wood stain does not form a "second skin" but penetrates the wood and deteriorates over time. An application will be necessary depending on the product used every 3 to 10 years.

Why apply a stain on a wooden floor?

Depending on the stain used, your wooden floor will have a wide range of possibilities (from the most natural to the most colorful with micro-porous paints) in terms of color, gloss or texture, so that adapt according to your personal tastes and the style of your home.

Its role is not only aesthetic. The varnish composed of resin, strengthens all the natural defenses of the wood and the protects for several years mushrooms, water, insects and UV rays. The products sold in the trade are more and more powerful and can protect your wooden floor for more than ten years.

Which type of stain is best for my wooden floor?

The stains are generally used with most European or exotic wood species, with the exception of teak and grease for which oil is more suitable. We recommend for your wooden floor a stain according to your situation.

• Classic type glaze
Translucent, tinted or colorless, it allows to leave the apparent wood while maintaining a natural and authentic appearance. The stain will protect your wooden floor and allow it to breathe while circulating moisture. This type of stain is mainly used for the renovation of your wooden floor or for a first layer with the exception of teak.
We recommend stripping or sanding your wooden floor if it has been previously varnished, painted or stained. A brush stroke will dust it off and allow you to apply your stain on a clean surface. The use of a wood brush is recommended to paint vertically in the direction of the wood. Two layers will usually be needed and spaced 24 hours apart.

• Colored stain

Also protecting your wooden floor, it will also update it according to the color chosen. Nevertheless, we recommend taking into account the original color of the essence, because the same color will not give the same result on pine or oak.

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