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The garden canopy, which can be an extension of your home or be independent in a corner of your garden, is a real case of light and greenery. The canopy can be a shelter for your plants during the winter as well as serve as an extra place to live.

Garden canopies

Garden canopies

Why is it useful to have a garden canopy?

During the winter, your plants are no longer able to cope with cold and frost: having a garden canopy protects them better so that they do not perish during this period of extreme cold. Thus, it is possible to grow tropical plants for example, which require special care, heat and specific humidity.

Apart from this its practical side, the garden canopy is a true decorative element. We can find all kinds, some with an old style of wood for example, and others of a rather modern style steel or aluminum. The garden canopy adds a touch of charm and warmth to your home. Indeed, there are windows that are an expansion of your home, a space completely open to the outside where easily enters the full light of the day.

The different models of garden canopy

Garden canopies are composed of thin panels and a very resistant structure that can be made of steel, wood or aluminum. The good insulation as well as the watertightness of the canopy are essential for this one to fulfill its functions.
We can meet different models of garden canopy. At entry level, it is possible to opt for a small canopy in which we can arrange some plants, including using small balconies hanging. If you want to enjoy a large space for your crops or have a real place to live, you should choose a glass roof recessed or contiguous to your home. You can have an extra room that will be a great addition to your home.

The shapes may vary too. For example, there are classic wall canopies who are then leaning against your house. You can also choose an old style cupola or pyramid style that will be implanted in the heart of your garden.

The price of garden canopies

Prices vary depending on the use you want to make your garden canopy. If you only want to protect your plants in a small, isolated area of ​​one square meter, it will cost you around 300 euros. On the other hand, if you want to have a real winter garden with more space, prices can exceed 5000 euros for some models.

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