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Opting for a stainless steel kitchen means opting for a modern space. Stainless steel is a material that is associated with pro kitchens, but is now becoming more common in all kitchens. What are the advantages? How to highlight a stainless steel kitchen? Here are some helpful tips...

A stainless steel kitchen

A stainless steel kitchen

The stainless steel kitchen, a pro kitchen!

Stainless steel can be found in many places in a kitchen. This material embellishes the credence, the worktop, the furniture, the hood without forgetting small and large appliances. With its shiny silver color and smooth and neat texture, stainless steel is easily combined with all decorative styles, in particular contemporary and "pro" style. This material has the added advantage of being very robust over time. It is very resistant to the high temperatures that prevail in kitchen and stainless steel is almost insensitive to corrosion. On the clean side, stainless steel does not retain dirt, always maintaining a clean and clean appearance, for perfect hygiene.

Some people blame him for becoming dull over time and uses. Others do not like the traces that are quite difficult to remove as well as the surface sensitive to scratches. Nevertheless, it is important to know that there are stainless steels that have undergone a special treatment and that are today "Anti-fingerprint" and "anti-scratch". The maintenance of a stainless steel kitchen is thus easier and their surface is constantly brilliant.

Play the aesthetic card

Stainless steel is a material that enhances the look of the kitchen and brings a touch of elegance. The credence and the work plan are clean and brilliant: it's a real pleasure to cook. On the aesthetic side, the piece displays clean lines and sophisticated, contemporary designs.

In terms of decoration, the choice of colors can be made according to the style of the kitchen, by focusing on dark and chic shades such as black, white or gray. But it is also quite possible to play the contrast card and favor more vivid colors. Stainless steel goes well with red, orange or petrol blue. For those who have an attraction for fantasy, it is quite possible to turn to neon tones, be it the rose, the worm or the yellow.

Be careful not to overload the room: use a maximum of two colors to customize the space harmoniously. In any case, in a stainless steel kitchen, worthy of a Michelin-starred chef, modern rhymes with simplicity and functionality.

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