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The lasures


Based on acrylic resin, alkyd, alkyd-urethane. In solvent phase or in aqueous phase. Active adjuvants to protect wood from insects and molds. Pigments to tint the stain and limit the effects of chalking due to UV.


Flat brush, rag to clean the surplus. In two or three layers.

On which supports:

On the wood.

Uses for the house:

Finishing of wooden surfaces. Inside and outside.


The stains penetrate the wood, letting it breathe to prevent rotting. What differentiates the woodstain from the paint is the absence of fillers which allows the woodstain to be transparent in order to reveal the veining of the wood.

Belong to non-film-forming plasters (paint, varnish). They dry in the form of flour. Drying in 24h on average.

Finishing aspect:

Matt or satin.


Very wide variety of colors in matt or satin finishes.


Great ease of application. Good hiding power. Protects the wood while preserving its natural appearance. Very aesthetic, with a decorative effect because tinted stains color and strengthen the design of the wood.


May contain polluting solvents.

To wash instruments after use:

White Spirit.

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