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The staircase ladder type miller is a straight staircase. Very practical, this staircase can be installed where others can not, for lack of space. It is therefore a staircase complementary to your main staircase.

How to recognize a miller's ladder?

Generally, a ladder ladder ladder is straight and is made of wood. This type of staircase is very stiff. The slope is about 60 to 70° whereas a classic staircase has a slope around 25 to 40°. The height of the steps of a ladder ladder ladder is important. They are spaced about twenty centimeters apart. The staircase ladder type miller is minimalist: it has no risers or ramp.

The steps being narrow, you must be careful in the descent to avoid falls. For example, it can be lowered to the steps as if using a conventional ladder.

In which cases does a ladder ladder ladder be installed?

Due to its minimalist features, this type of stair is perfect for tight spaces. Indeed, it occupies very little space. Because the miller's ladder is steep, it is better to reserve this type of staircase for occasional uses. Thus, it is suitable for access to an attic, attic, a mezzanine...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of stair?

The miller's ladder is not adapted to a great height. For more safety, it is better to equip it with a railing to prevent falls.

On the other hand, you will be seduced by its lightness, her easy pose, and its adaptation to narrow locations. Its price is also quite interesting. Count around 40€ for first prices, and up to a hundred euros even more for the ladder-style ladder stairs more upscale.

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