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To safely climb or descend a staircase, you can stand at the banister. The stair railing also helps prevent falls, and bring a decorative touch to your interior. Choose it according to different criteria with the help of a professional.

The banister

The banister

The stair rail has several functions

It is not mandatory to install a stair rail, but it is useful especially for Ensure the security everyone, especially elderly people or children. On the other hand, if your stairs are relatively steep, the ramp can help move around.

A stair railing two main functions: she allows to prevent falls, but also it serves as support to walk up or down the stairs comfortably. On the other hand, the ramp also provides a nice finish to the stairs. It participates in the atmosphere you want to install in your home.

The ramp can be installed on the side opposite to the wall, with or without filling (bars or glass panels...). The upper part of the ramp is called the handrail. It is also possible to install a ramp or handrail against the wall.

Choose your stair railing

The stair rail must of course be adapted to your type of staircase. You can find a right ramp or rotating depending on your staircase and your needs. A rotating ramp is more expensive than a straight ramp, especially if it has to be custom designed.

A banister can be made of wood, metal, wrought iron or glass: manufacturers and designers can offer innovative models that match your tastes and that will match your interior decoration.

Stair ramp and safety issues

Some security rules are to be respected for the installation of a stair railing: height of the ramp, distance between the staircase and the ramp, spacing between the bars, etc. The professionals will inform you about these specific criteria, developed so that a young child can not find himself stuck in the ramp, or avoid any risk of falling.