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To have a tailor-made staircase, turn to an architect or craftsman. You can also quite choose a big DIY brand if it offers this type of service.

The tailor-made staircase: a staircase that looks like you

The tailor-made staircase stands out of the series stair, which is manufactured in a large number of copies. The series stairs are stairs to standard dimensions, being suitable for most interiors.

Opting for a custom staircase makes it possible to have a staircase perfectly suited to your interior and your tastes. You will have the staircase of your dreams, whether in terms of design or materials. You will be able to choose your staircase down to the smallest details, be it the style, the dimension, the color, the finishes... Your staircase will be unique.

What are the disadvantages of the tailor-made stairs?

A tailor-made staircase is the most expensive type of fabrication. It can go from € 5,000 to € 30,000. This price range is given as an indication, because depending on the shape of the staircase, the nobility of the material used, or the price policy of the professional, there may be significant price differences.

The different steps necessary from the design to the installation of a staircase makes your measurements take time.

Tailor-made stairs: how's it going?

When you make contact with a professional, you must define with him your wishes concerning your staircase. Do you prefer a straight, spiral staircase? Do you want to bring light to your home with a light structure, or take advantage of the space under the stairs to create a new storage space? Do you prefer a wooden staircase, glass, stone? What kind of balustrade do you want?

All these details will allow the professional to address your a quote. To find the staircase of your dreams at the fair price, do not hesitate to compare several quotes.

When you place an order, the professional can proceed to the manufacture of the tailor-made staircase, and then proceed to its installation.

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