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In wood, metal or even glass, the staircase without risers adopts many forms and can creep into all interiors, even the smallest. Both functional and elegant, their implementation requires some know-how.

A staircase without risers

A staircase without risers

What is a staircase without risers?

A staircase consists of several parts. The steps, the ramp (consisting of a baluster and a handrail), the stringers (on the sides of the stairs), the corner and finish posts and the risers that are under the steps. A staircase without risers presents a more airy structure and without any visual break.

What are the different kinds of stairs without risers?

Like any staircase, the staircase without risers can be realized of wood, metal, concrete or glassor by mixing several materials for a very contemporary look like wood / metal or wood / glass. In that case railings or the balusters are also made of metal. Another advantage of a staircase without risers is that it adopts all forms. The more traditional, such as the straight or ¼ turn staircase, the so-called miller ladder or more modern like the spiral staircase. The latter type of staircase, round or square, is the one that takes the least space on the ground and is therefore ideal for small spaces.

How to choose a staircase without risers?

To choose your staircase without risersyou have to take into account how much space you have on the ground. You can also consider the model (with silts on the sides or central lime or without silt so self-supporting). Many manufacturers and DIY stores offer staircases ready to mount, cheaper only tailor-made stairs. It all depends on your budget.

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