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Classic boilers

Still very present in our homes, so-called conventional boilers such as those running on fuel, gas or electricity are very often old models. They are mostly 20 years old and therefore are not representative of progress in boilers. This week, HandymanDuDimanche offers you to discover what is new and better for conventional boilers, more and more efficient to offset the prices of fossil fuels that continue to climb.

Oil boilers

While boilers fueled with heating oil are perceived as archaic and polluting, the most recent models, and more particularly condensing boilers do not deserve this reputation. Thanks to the efforts of manufacturers and refiners, greenhouse gas emissions have been significantly reduced in recent times. For a cleaner and optimized combustion, the composition of the heating oil continues to improve. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions dropped by 41%, while sulfur dioxide (which causes acid rain) fell by 53% and nitrogen dioxide fell by 80%.

Classic boilers: which

Thanks to the latest innovations, the most recent boilers demand less and less fuel. Their average annual consumption has thus risen from 3100 liters to 1800 in forty years. Condensing boilers are currently the most efficient and least polluting on the market. In addition to fuel oil, this system also applies to gas boilers. Thanks to a condensing heat exchanger, they recover the steam released during the combustion which thus participates in the heating. This process thus limits the emission of unburnt which reduces the emissions of gaseous pollutants.

In addition, the purchase of this type of boiler gives you the right to a tax credit of 15 to 20% depending on the model, which is far from negligible. The fuel is usually stored in tanks or tanks, when at the maintenance of the boiler, it must be carried out once a year by a professional.

Electric boilers

Modern, practical and clean electric boilers require no evacuation pipes, no storage and very little maintenance. If their purchase price is one of the lowest in the market, they consume a lot of energy, which tends to quickly increase the electricity bills. Compatible with heated floors, this type of boiler assumes a perfect thermal insulation to avoid ruinous losses. Given the current conditions of electricity production in France (mainly from nuclear power) and its high price, HandymanDuDimanche advises against the use of this type of heating as a permanent solution.

Gas boilers

Privileged energy of French city dwellers, the use of gas is widespread. Gas boilers have also made tremendous progress at all levels. More and more efficient and economical they are constantly modernizing. Butane or propane or city gas, gas boilers offer a wide range of models.

Classic boilers: classic

They can be installed directly on the wall for small areas, or on the ground for larger needs. Two evacuation systems are available. Traditional smoke ducts are recommended for well ventilated rooms. For rooms without opening or ventilation, there are "suction" systems that allow the evacuation of products of combustion but also the supply of the boiler in fresh air. As for oil-fired boilers, there are condensing models as well as low-temperature boilers. The latter supply the heating network at 50 degrees instead of 90, which produces a uniform and even heat while limiting the shutdown and restart phases of the boiler. With their temperature drop, these boilers operate at low speeds and consume less energy (30% less). Thanks to this ecological renewal, some models of gas boilers give you the right to a tax credit.

At the forefront of new technologies, gas boilers continue to improve to seduce us! They require of course an annual interview, which is best done by a professional.

Disregarding the prejudices on mineral fuels HandymanDuanche is far from discouraging the use of boilers oil or new generation gas. In addition, with the recent opening of the electricity and gas market you now have all the keys in hand to choose the supplier that suits you. Compare electricity and gas rates.

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