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Both a booster auxiliary battery for a car and a source of energy for powering or recharging 12 V devices, this concentrated energy makes many services!

Black & Decker BDV012 Starter and Portable Charger


Maker: Black & Decker
Reference: BDV012
Type: maintenance-free battery of 12 V, 19 Ah
Instant output: 450 Ah
Constant output: 300 Ah for 5 seconds
Auxiliary lighting: 3 LEDs
Loading time: 48 hours
Weight: 6.8 kg
Supplied accessories: power cord, cigarette lighter
Price generally found: 99.90 Euros (ecotax included).

How to use it

Getting started
New to the portable power market, Black & Decker offers a range of battery chargers, portable starters and starter boosters. This unusual battery starter comes in the form of a rectangular block equipped with a carrying handle. The cladding of the handle is not luxury, because the (almost) 7 kg of the device is felt after a while. Fortunately, the "starter" is intended to stay most often on the shelves of the garage or in your trunk car.

On the front panel, the three-LED auxiliary lighting is bordered by the charging LEDs on the device. LEDs come on, the device is charging on the mains. It is possible to control the state of charge by pressing a button. A 12 volt socket (cigarette lighter type) allows the power supply or the charging of multiple devices (mobile phone, GPS, portable DVD player, game console... or even camping TV).
When starting a car or a lawn tractor that has run out of battery power, the unit has two high-end cords terminated with pliers. In practical terms, the operation is simple: connect the clamps (+ red and - black) then turn the power button on the right. No risk in case of polarities reversal because a diode and a strident sound signal warn you immediately. You then get into your vehicle and start simply. As soon as the engine is running, turn off the power to the unit and remove the clamps (black first). Several attempts are sometimes necessary (poorly tuned engine). In this case, do not operate the ignition key for more than five to six seconds on each test.

The other advantage of the device is to have a portable battery of 12 V, usable in the house, on the road or on vacation.

Without special maintenance, this starter (and portable charger) requires a recharge on the sector every two months to keep the batteries in good working order.


A well designed and easy to use set. With a power of 300 Ah, sustained for nearly five seconds, you have enough energy to start a car.

The lessers

The length of the cables is a bit tight. The ideal would be to be able to put the device on the ground when starting. Perfect for car batteries, the clamps are a bit wide for motorcycle batteries, often not very accessible.

Our opinion

A portable energy block that finds many applications and that we particularly appreciate in case of battery failure. To keep in the trunk, just in case!

Pliers and cables

Pliers and cables

The installation of the clamps is no problem. On the other hand, the short length of the cables makes it necessary to place the device in the engine compartment of your car.



This portable battery offers great autonomy. You can power all kinds of devices (mobile phone, DVD player...) or recharge the batteries.

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