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Beyond 5m² of floor space, a veranda must be the subject of an administrative authorization that may take the form of a prior declaration.

When is a prior declaration mandatory?

It is mandatory to make a preliminary declaration of work for its veranda when its floor space is between 5 and 20m².

There is a particular case in which a prior declaration may be required for an area of ​​up to 40 m² when the work concerns an existing building. For this hypothesis to be verified, the work must be carried out on land included in an urban area specified in the Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) of the municipality.

However, even when the land is situated in the said area, when a veranda with a floor area greater than 20 m² is built and the total area of ​​the house and veranda exceeds an area of ​​170 m², a building permit must must be requested.

How to make a prior statement for his porch?

Obtaining a declaration of work for a veranda is subject to the filing of a file composed of different pieces including a cerfa document available on the internet or in town hall.

The file must be filed or sent in two copies by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the town hall of the place of realization of the works. The latter issues a receipt stating the date from which the work may be started unless the instructor service objects.

The mayor can make different decisions:

  • She can accept the preliminary declaration. Work on the conservatory must begin within two years and can not be interrupted for more than one year. However, it is possible to ask the town hall to extend the validity of the prior declaration by one year.
  • She can refuse the preliminary declaration of work for a veranda. In this case, it is possible to ask the town hall to reconsider its decision by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within two months. It is also possible to appeal to the Administrative Tribunal when this appeal is unsuccessful.
  • She can refrain from answering in which case no written document is issued. When at the end of the period of instruction no opposition has been formulated by the mayor, this is a tacit agreement to the declaration of work for the veranda. However, it is advisable to request that the town hall issue a certificate of non-opposition to the prior declaration.

It takes about a month from the filing of the file to get a response from the town hall.

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