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A hammam at home

From oriental tradition, the hammams offer a moist heat bath to relax while thoroughly cleansing the skin. Until recently, the solution was to go to specialized institutions to benefit from the benefits of the hammam. Now, it is possible to enjoy at home. That's why this week DIYDubranche offers you to discover the different models of steam to install at home.

The steam cabin.

Sold ready to assemble, the Hammam cabin is the most affordable model. It usually consists of a resin and glass booth. This type of hammam offers the advantage of taking up little space and settling in half a day, without requiring specific skills. These cabins are usually offered with an integrated bench or chair to sit comfortably during the hammam session. In addition, these hammams kit are available with many options such as hydrojets showers, balneotherapy baths that can be integrated into the cabin for comfort and sometimes even aromatherapy or light therapy. However, the majority of these cabins can only accommodate two people simultaneously. Count 900 euros minimum for a simple model, 1000 euros for a model shower and 1500 euros for a combined hammam, bath and shower. Namely, there are also high-end models offering both a sauna, a steam room and a spa, available from 2000 euros

The hammam masonry.

A hammam at home: euros

Prefabricated or made to measure, masonry hammams offer you the charm of oriental hammams. They are usually composed of a concrete base covered with tile, mosaic or plaster. These hammams offer the advantage of being spacious, including custom models for which it is possible to choose the size, but also the number of seats, the shape, and the various integrated equipment. However, masonry hammams must be installed by qualified professionals, because they require heavy masonry work, plumbing and electricity. Thus, it is necessary to provide at least 6000 euros for a prefabricated model and more than 10 000 euros for a hammam made to measure by a craftsman.

The maintenance of a hammam.

The cabins of the steam rooms require some maintenance including their steam generator that can easily scale. So, if your water is particularly limestone, it is better to add a water softener at the water inlet. As for the cabin, it must be regularly cleaned with non-corrosive products to avoid the appearance of germs or fungi. To do this, it is best to buy products specifically for this purpose. Namely, in some high-end cabins there is a cleaning option that disinfects and automatically rinses the steam room. Finally for more security, some dealers offer maintenance contracts to check and if necessary repair your hammam by qualified professionals.

If the hammams can be beneficial for health, HandymanDuanche still wants to specify that their use is strongly inadvisable to pregnant women, people with respiratory problems and heart.