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Light but robust, steel is suitable for many roof configurations: low or steep roof, rounded roof. Although they are often used to cover industrial or commercial buildings, steel roofs or "steel tanks" find their nobility in contemporary architecture. With their different colors and shapes, steel roofs are used more and more in both new and renovation.

The characteristics of a steel roof

Steel roofs for private homes are in the form of of steel plates. They are known as steel pan.
The plates are of 3 kinds:

  • Wavy.
  • U-shaped ribs. The U-shaped rib improves the resistance of the plates in flexion.
  • Imitation tiles.

The plates are assembled together to cover the entire roof. The longest are up to 8 m for widths from 0.6 m to 1.10 m.
You can find them in different thicknesses.
And they are still protected against corrosion by being galvanized, galvanized or lacquered. In the latter case, you have different colors: red, green, gray, black, etc.
Plates can be straight or curved to fit rounded roofs.

The benefits of a steel roof

Lightweight and robust, the steel roof or steel tank has many advantages. In addition, the improvements made in quality and aesthetics, make it more and more adopted.

  • Lightness: A steel roof without insulation weighs around 5 kg per m². It is ideal for light frames or renovation.
  • SolidityShe has the qualities of the steel that composes her. Incombustible, waterproof, resistant to mosses and fungi, in a favorable environment, it has a very long life (up to 100 years).
  • Good sealing: Rainwater flows easily along the plates.
  • Aesthetic: The sobriety of the ribbed plates perfectly dresses the forms of contemporary sloping or curved roofs.
    In addition, the many colors and different forms available to adapt to the tastes of each or planning regulations.
  • Easy to install: It is a roof rather easy to put in place. But be careful, however, depending on the shape of the roof and the size of the plates, the use of a professional may be necessary.

The disadvantages of a steel roof

Before choosing a steel roof, you must also know the weak points:

  • Sensitivity to pollution and corrosion: Despite anti-corrosion treatments, the steel tank remains sensitive especially to pollution. In highly urbanized areas, industrial or seaside, it is necessary to use plates whose quality is adapted to the environment.
  • Absence of both acoustic and thermal insulation: The basic steel deck roof has no insulation. Optionally, an anti condensation felt but no insulation. This is why it is imperative to provide sufficient insulation if you think to cover your home in steel tray. Or you choose double skin panels or sandwich panels.
  • Planning regulations: Even in its imitation tile version, the steel roof is not accepted everywhere. Before adopting it, think to inquire with your town hall.

Prices for steel roofs or steel tanks

The first prices start at € 10 per m² for the simplest plates without anti-condensation (Single skin steel tray).
The plates imitation tiles have a surcharge of 5 to 15%.
For plates with an anti-condensation felt, it takes about 13 € per m².
The price of double skin panels or sandwich panels is on average 25 to 30 €.
At these prices must be added the fixings, the rakes, the edge plates and the laying.

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