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Sealing a cracked polycarbonate roof

We live in the North and indeed it rains often... the roof in polycarbonate plate above our kitchen is not quite young, and before considering changing it for something else (and precisely what would be the best solution?) we would like to secure some cracks, so far we have used Pattex Scotch Power Tape but is there something more resistant in time? We have seen a lot of things on the forums (Tofimurs resin / aluminum strips), Can you advise us at best?

Aluminum-based tapes are effective only for the purpose of temporary repair, if not aesthetic. Plates made of polycarbonate, methacrylate or the like remain a good choice for covering a room or a veranda while ensuring a good seal. A sealant silicone or polyurethane PU would seem to me perhaps more effective and above all more aesthetic than self-adhesive tapes.

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