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Elderberry is one of the most effective plants for repelling mice. To fight against an invasion of this type of pest, it suffices to make elderberry manure and to place at the entrance galleries dug by rodents. The smell will keep them away, without killing them, from the kitchen garden and houses.


Macerated, elderberry gives manure, a very effective product to hunt mice.

Necessary material

  • elderberry leaves
  • water
  • filtered
  • containers

Steps to make elderberry manure

1) In a large container, place the chopped elder leaves in fromwater. The proportion is 1 kg of leaves per 10 liters of water.

2) Let macerate this mixture for two weeks. The sign that the manure is ready is that no more bubbles appear on the surface.

3) Filter the mixture and the store in containers (without any metal), in the dark and a cool room.

4) Sprinkle the purine around the kitchen gardennear the entrances of mice tunnels to keep rodents at bay or dislodge them.

There are many ways to repel pests without having to eliminate them. To know them, consult the page: "All methods to ward off rodents without killing them".

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