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Steps to develop attics

Whether you start a pharaonic project or mere trifles, the administrative side should not be taken lightly. Building permit, civil code or declaration of work, in our beautiful country, impossible to embark on expansion work without going through the case authorization, or fill a lot of paperwork. Between different cases, it is not always easy to navigate. To help you get the hang of things and start your work in the rules of the art, HandymakerDuenchie informs you on the procedure to follow.

Redeeming attic to the trustee

Steps to develop attics: your

If you want to buy the attic of your apartment building, it will be necessary to make the request to the trustee at a meeting of co-owners. Then remains to accept your proposal unanimously, in a show of hands. To put the odds on your side, it is advisable to call an expert surveyor to help you prepare a concrete file with shock arguments ("once the attic purchased, it is his owner who will settle the work maintenance and building expenses will be lower. "). Another trick, and not the least, approach the trustee, have a cordial relationship with your neighbors and show concern for the life of the building.

Steps to develop attics: attics

Declaration of work?

If you only want to install roof windows, it will be necessary to make a declaration of work near the local authorities, likewise for all that relates to the external aspect of your house. On the other hand, if you only modify the interior frame, no declaration is necessary.

Building permit?

If you add skylights, raise the roof or modify the slope of the roof, a building permit is mandatory. Similarly if you enlarge your living space by more than twenty square meters (Carrez law so surface ayaunt minimum height of 1.80m), and if after or before the work your home measures more than 170 square meters (in this case it will be necessary obligatorily to call on an architect).

Respect of distances?

Steps to develop attics: work

To protect the privacy of all, the French law imposes on us distances to respect with the "law of joint ownership". The "right view", vulgarly speaking the vis-à-vis that separates you from the neighbors opposite, must be more than 1.90m. As for "the side view" (at the oblique) count at least 60 cm distance. In some specific cases (such as near historic buildings) the land use plan may impose other obligations on you. It is therefore important to consult it before planning your site.

In case of doubt or litigation, HandymanDuDimanche strongly encourages you to use an architect or a surveyor. However, distrust vis-à-vis companies specializing in the development of attics that promise you wonders at unbeatable prices!

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