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I read an answer about fixing handles on a piece of furniture without drilling. I bought the glue Ni nail Ni screw, it does not stick anything, is not worth more than a simple glue... I thought it was because of my painting, a colored varnish, it is not, on another support is the same thing. What to do? thank you in advance

The problem you have encountered may be from an excess of glue. Contrary to popular belief, and whatever the glue, we must put a very thin layer, for the adhesion to occur properly. In addition, the manufacturer specifies: "make sure the surface is clean, dry and not covered with coatings, wallpaper or painting."
This being the case, while some current adhesives are very powerful, this does not mean that they can in any case replace a mechanical fastener. Everything depends on the support, the force to be exerted and especially the contact surface. Two-component glues may be more efficient for this type of use.

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