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I live in an apartment in which I have problems of condensation on the walls of the living rooms (living room and bedroom). I would like to find a solution to no longer have this effect of cold wall without implementing a thick insulation. I thought of several solutions: depron and cork. My preference is towards cork thin (max 10mm). With this thickness, the walls will not be cold anymore and therefore will I have no more condensation?

Both solutions will reduce the phenomenon of cold wall. Cork is a natural material that has the merit of being ecological. As for the Depron, more efficient, it is a thin polystyrene coating (3 or 6 mm) from QUELYD that applies with a specific adhesive (see our sheet on laying thin insulation). Both products are not insulators as such, but will reduce the feeling of cold wall. However, they will not be able to replace conventional insulation. If condensation is important, consider creating a ventilation scheme by drilling high and low openings in dry rooms and wet rooms and providing a space at the bottom of the doors to allow the passage of air. An electric dehumidifier can also effectively lower the hygrometry of the room and thus prevent condensation.

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