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The shower stop is a small device that allows you to interrupt the flow of water from the shower during soaping or application of a shampoo. How does it work? Where to put it? Explanations.

The advantages of the "shower stop"

To save water, it is of course possible to close the two faucets of a mixer, while one soap, for example. They must then be reopened to rinse and redo the water to find the right temperature. Suffice to say that the gesture is well intentioned but perfectly useless.

That's where the shower stop comes in. This extra small tap is used to interrupt the water, while maintaining the initial temperature and flow when you need water again. It therefore increases your comfort, saves you time and money. save water close to 70%.

The shower stop does not require any additional installation. It simply screws between the faucet and the shower hose or between the hose and the shower head. It is particularly suitable for a two-button tap. But it is also useful for mixing valves.

Usage tips

To turn off the water in the shower, simply press the button stop shower and to make it flow again another pressure is enough. In stop position, a thin stream of water continues to flow, so that you do not forget to close the taps when you have finished taking a shower.

This trickle of water is also beneficial for sanitary reasons. In fact, it prevents any bacteria coming from the hot water pipes from polluting the cold water. The two networks thus remain completely independent, without risk of contamination.

To know.

  • It is forbidden for sanitary reasons to interconnect the two water circuits.
  • In order for your shower stopper to be fully effective, it is recommended to choose a pressure-resistant hose. The shower stop is available with or without anti-torsion nut. The anti-torsion system avoids kinking of the hose, thus limiting its wear. Preferred. Depending on the model, prices vary between 9 and 19 euros.
  • You can perfect your installation with an economical knob and a water regulator.

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