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Garage storage: a modular system

Whatever the size or shape, and specifically if it is a box, the modular storage of a garage on metal gantry is the ideal solution. This system (Lodus) optimizes the available space without disturbing the parking of the car.

A modular system

This modular storage system allows you to install elements of your choice from the gantry adapted to the shape and dimensions of your garage: shelves, storage for bicycles, tires, for the roof box, etc. It is a real dressing room of the garage. The layout of your garage is made to measure. Shelves, sliding, are also adjustable in height.

Garage storage: a modular system: modular

All storage units are installed very simply, without tools and are fixed on the gantry at the chosen height. Numerous innovations have been developed to offer you this robust, modular and easy-to-use solution.
1 - The portico
2 - Upper storage trays
3 - Mobile shelf four trays
4 - Mobile shelf with two trays
5 - Single bike carrier
6 - Retractable two-wheel carrier

The accessories

  • Extension Kit
  • Floor-wall fixing kit
  • Junction kit 2.8
  • Set of eight barriers for shelves
  • Set of four universal hooks
  • Magnetic LED lighting
  • LED floodlight

Specific uses
  • Bike carrier hitch
  • Roof box holder
  • Mobile carrier

(photos / visuals: © Lodus, except special mention)

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