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To illuminate your garden, several solutions are available to you: the luminous post, the spots, the lanterns or even the lampposts. Focus on the romance and practicality of these street lamps also called street lamps.

What is a garden lamp post?

We know the street lamp that illuminates the streets of our communities. The garden lamppost illuminates our gardens, terraces and entryways. The garden lamp is a lighting system that is installed in our private gardens. It is used to illuminate a defined area of ​​your garden or terrace, or to light your front door and guide you through the night.

It is composed of a long pedestal mainly cast iron, bronze or zinc, and one to three lamps. These lamps can be electric or solar depending on the model. The electric model is connected to the domestic electrical network while the solar model recharges its batteries in the sunlight.

What's the difference between a street lamp and a luminous post? The size of the base, the lamppost being much larger.

Are there different types of garden lights?

The garden lamp has different styles and colors to bring a touch of romance and sophistication to your garden, patio or front door. There are different models to choose according to your desires, and your tastes.

There are photodetector streetlights that go off at night and go out at the first light of day. There are also streetlamps with motion detector. These light up, as their name suggests, in the presence of someone or following the detection of a movement.

Why install a street lamp in your garden?

The garden lamp has a practical purpose and an aesthetic purpose. In terms of practicality, the street light allows you to illuminate an area of ​​your garden such as the terrace or the front door. It lights you up in the night like the famous street lamps.

Beyond the practical aspect, the street lamp brings a touch of aesthetics in the garden. It is a decoration in itself to create an atmosphere in a defined area of ​​the garden such as around the pool, a pond, a bench or garden furniture. Just like the street lamp, it brings a touch of romance!

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