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I wish to reinforce, from the inside, the insulation of the creeping ceiling, in paneling, of my stay / dining room. What materials to use and which installation tips? Current insulation, glass wool with 80mm vapor barrier, between rafters, battens and tiles. I would like to limit the height of the insulation supplement to 70/80 mm all inclusive.

You can refer to our INSULATED INSULATED INSULATED DOUBLE LAYER INSULATED INSULATION sheet on our website. However, if the lack of space does not allow you to thicken too much, you will have to turn to materials with very low conductivity, such as the projected polyurethane foam, which will be applied after removal of the first insulation to start again. on a net basis. Note also that the improvement in performance of the current wool (Lambda 32, for example) will significantly improve the efficiency of your insulation, even limiting you to 80 mm. Do not give in to the temptation of thin "insulating" nicknames.

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