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To reduce the risk of burglary, protective equipment is essential. Tips and solutions to improve the security of the home against theft.

his house safe

Year after year, the number of burglaries continues to increase, rising to more than 17.1% in 2011, according to the National Observatory of crime and criminal responses (ONDRP), with nearly 225,000 residences main and secondary visited.

Some precautions can improve the security of your home, even if it is almost impossible to guard against any break-in. A motivated thief indeed has every chance of succeeding. Based on this observation, there is only one solution to reduce the risk of theft: complicate the task of the burglar (see solutions opposite) until he abandons his project.

Burglaries in figures

• 344,407 burglaries in 2011 (about 62% are for main residences, 4% for second homes and 34% for business premises).
• 80% take place in the city
• 80% take place in daylight, 55% between 14 and 17h and 20% at night, during your sleep.
• 1 time out of 3, they are perpetrated in the presence of the victims.
• It costs victims around € 6,500 (burglary and theft) in a main residence.
The operational mode:
• 80% of burglars use the front door and give up after 5 minutes if they can not get inside the house.
• They do not spend more than 20 minutes on the premises.
• 95% leak immediately if an alarm occurs.

Source: National Observatory of Delinquency and Criminal Responses (ONDRP).

Engage a global approach

The solidity of an ensemble always depends on its weakest link... A global approach, aimed at the whole house, must be engaged: no need to equip an armored door, for example, if the windows of the ground floor are not protected.

In the field of security, the most advanced technologies in terms of connection and home automation coexist with the most basic solutions and the most basic advice. A sophisticated alarm is good, but associated with bars on the windows is better; both proving complementary to secure the whole house.

Strengthen the security of the house: door

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Security of property and people: the basis

safe sealed in the wall

  • Choose a security door, equipped with a multi-point lock and a burglar-proof angle.
  • For more security, put a peephole and a half-pipe.
  • During masonry work, use it to seal a safe in a discreet place. It is convenient to secure valuable effects. In principle, a burglar has neither the time nor the material to break it.

Chase weak points

metal rod protecting the front door

  • Patio doors and sliding windows are weak points.
  • A simple device to add allows to lock the espagnolette by inserting a metal rod in the frame.
  • Shutters strengthen their protection.
  • On wooden models, add a safety bar easy to install.
  • The service door must be as hard to break as the front door.
  • On existing doors, add locks to multiply anchor points.
  • The roof can also be a weak point.
  • Privilege the roof windows equipped with security closure and add a lock or padlock to the roof hatch.

installation of anti-burglary glazing

  • Protect the windows of service rooms by installing metal bars sealed in the masonry.
  • On the windows of the ground floor, install burglar-proof glazing, also called burglar-proof.

Tips and alarm

set up a wireless alarm

  • The alarm is very dissuasive.
  • Volumetric or peripheral detectors are conveniently placed on the openings and in the passage areas.
  • To show that one uses security systems to protect oneself.
  • Leave the alarm siren visible and place a video camera prominently. Even if it is not connected, it may be enough to deter a thief.

Protection of the house: the exteriors

installation of a camera to secure his home

  • Access through the gate or gate must be controlled by an audio or video doorman to allow access only to authorized persons.
  • In the garden, install security floodlights or simple lights equipped with motion detectors: they make it possible to make the intruders flee.

Security: zoom in on the front door

The entrance door must be equipped with a reliable locking system.

Favor equipment and devices benefiting from the A2P label (Prevention Protection Insurance)awarded by the National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP).
This association classifies the various security systems (locks, closures, door blocks, etc.) according to their burglar resistance time, assigning them from one to three stars: 5 min (A2P *), 10 min (A2P ** ), 15 min (A2P ***).
The tests are done in the workshop without worrying about the noise (in real conditions, the break-in takes longer).
The door blocks, whose entire device is tested (opening, frame, hardware), are classified BP1 to BP3 (for example, 15 min resistance time: BP3).

Keyless multipoint lock

install a keyless multipoint lock

To keep the charm of an existing door, make it safer by adding a keyless multipoint lock, both discreet and effective.

Strengthen the front door

reinforcement of the entrance door

The burglars always trying to enter the door at first, it must offer an effective first rampart.

Shielded door blocks are implemented very easily and are offered in a variety of models.

Security: zoom on windows

Windows are a weak point when they are accessible: on the ground floor or at the height of the ladder.

The metal bars are a very effective solution, simple to implement and inexpensive. But they are unattractive.
Better to keep them in the windows of the service rooms, the toilet and the bathroom.
Other windows may be protected by burglar-proof glass.
It is a double glazing whose glass, on the outside, is composed of two or three panes of 4 or 6 mm thick and several intermediate transparent vinyl films (44.4, 44.6 or 444.6). The most reinforced withstands 30 shots of mass before allowing the passage of a burglar!
On existing windows, it is also possible to add protection on the glazing, by gluing a plastic film. But the efficiency has of course nothing to do...

installation of protection grids on windows

Adding bars to windows accessible from the ground floor is a job that does not require special knowledge and is extremely effective in deterring burglars.

security of the windows of the ground floor

The windows on the ground floor are a weak point in the security of your home.
They must be protected by several effective devices when you are present, at night and in your absence: burglarproof glass, bars or shutters (rolling or flying).

Install an alarm

mount an alarm yourself

The alarm is very effective for robbing burglars. Wireless systems are offered as a self-assembly kit by most manufacturers. Alarms consist of a control unit and detectors that control access (doors and windows) and / or the interior volume (volumetric alarm).

When an intruder is detected, the alarm rings and can warn the owner on his mobile phone or warn a central monitoring station that will send an agent on the spot (cost of service: 30 to 50 €).
The alarms operate mainly by radio waves, so their implementation is extremely simple.
The unit is connected to an electrical outlet, but the detectors are battery-powered (be careful to change them regularly).
An alarm is effective if a rapid intervention is possible (owner, neighbor, agency).
In remote areas or near-desert areas, they will not deter thieves.

What to do in case of theft?

Declare first the burglary at the police station or the gendarmerie.

  • You then have two days to make the declaration to your insurer.
  • Send by registered mail the receipt for the filing of a complaint, as well as an estimate of the property stolen and the damage caused.
  • Gather everything that can justify the existence and value of stolen goods: invoices, warranty, photos.
  • Attach the invoices of the companies intervened for the repairs (window or fractured door...).
  • Keep track of burglary (crocheted lock, broken glass), because your insurance can send an expert to ascertain the facts.

More information on:

Stop burglaries: precautions in case of absence

  • Do not change the message of the answering machine indicating its absence (idem on social networks, do not inform of its prolonged absence via internet).
  • Notify his family or neighbors of his departure.
  • Have the mail picked up regularly to avoid the saturation of his mailbox.
  • Report your absence to the police station or the gendarmerie.
  • Even in the absence of a few minutes, lock the doors and close the windows (the back door of the house, hidden from view, is often the favorite of burglars).
  • Never leave your keys under the doormat, behind the water meter or in a flowerpot near the entrance ("hiding places" known to all!).
  • Store ladders and garden tools that can be used to get into your home.

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