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A bricklayer realized me a wall of 18m of length (located at the end of a sloping ground) and attached to a terrace on the upper part (and without gutter on this terrace) without putting of post of consolidation of this wall all about 2m. By court decision I obtained an injunction to make a resumption of this work... What would be the best solution to consolidate this wall, and what type of gutter should he put on the terrace?

Consolidating a work that is already bad is never the ideal solution. The best would certainly be to start all over again on a good basis because in your case the land may push this already weak wall.

Reassemble the wall with consolidating pillars and drain holes for the water.

In case of refusal of your mason, consult an expert.

For the terrace, choose a reduced height drainage channel to integrate it into the tiles.

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