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I have a floor separating my DRC (occupied by a trade) from my 1st floor that I must live. This floor was made with planks with a height of 16 cm and their range exceeding 3 m, it is a height of 22.5 cm that should have been used. Since I can not completely fall off the floor (which I did for the upper floor), I would like to reinforce the existing one. Apart from a doubling of the planks (which would require working directly above the false ceiling after tearing the floor up), what can I do? To be complete the floor in place is oak more than 25mm thick.

The ideal would be the doubling of planks with planks of 22x50 on either side of existing beams so as to take the old planks too narrow sandwich. But this solution seems unthinkable for you, and you do not want to remove the floor either... If you can not work from below or from above, I do not see any solution! It remains only that of a new floor above the previous one, made of a perpendicular chevronnage (22x50 plank) on the already existing floor by fixing you by anchoring in the walls to not yet accentuate the weight of the ground. You will then be able to fix insulating panels on the joists then the coating of your choice. But of course this will reduce your ceiling height and change this door openings...

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