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How to speed up the work of the strippers and collect the residues to quickly renovate the iron furniture.

stripping an iron table

stripping a garden table

Spread a good layer of cleaner on the surface to be cleaned.
Use a steel painter's spatula instead of a paintbrush.
Carry out the stripping preferably outside.

to strip an iron table

Cover the surface with a plastic tarpaulin and allow the product to act (the time indicated by the manufacturer).
On a smaller surface, a film of food is enough.

accelerate stripping

Hold the plastic sheet with several clothespins (or weights).
The blisters that form under the paint make it possible to follow the action of the stripper.

how to pick faster

Remove the plastic tarpaulin and lay it on the ground: it collects the paint residue detached with a spatula.
Then fold the tarpaulin and bring it to the dump.


Chemical strippers are aggressive to skin and eyes: wear gloves and goggles.

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