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Our children bought a 1930 house in Châtillon (92240). The iron shutters are painted, the paint would contain, it seems lead! What is the solution? The fastest, most practical, and less expensive!

Theoretically, you should not pick up a lead paint yourself, the residues of which must be treated specifically, after having been entrusted to the dump. The ideal is therefore better to use a professional.

If you decide to do it yourself, pick the paint off with a chemical paint stripper, never sanding or scraping. Do not use heat gun or soldering lamp either.

Use a liquid gel stripper, scrape the residues with a spatula and a wire brush, and take care to recover the waste that you will bring to the rubbish by indicating their nature. Of course, take all precautions related to the use of a chemical stripper (gloves, hair protection, long-sleeved clothing, ventilation of the room, etc.).

Rinse the shutters thoroughly before repainting with a suitable paint and underlayment.

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