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The tiling on your terrace is dull, lacking luster and punctuated with stains. This central element of summer life needs a well deserved winter break. During the last beautiful, think of the stripping but not too much, for a renewal in the spring season. Some tips...

Strip a terrace tile

Strip a terrace tile

Watch out for intensive cleaning

The solution that spontaneously comes to mind to strip a tiled terrace: use a pressure washer or steam. Their effectiveness is undeniable. However, although resistant, the tiling has an enamelled layer that may disappear because of intensive cleaning too frequent.
So be careful and check first the state of the surface of your tiling. It should not be porous, which would cause it to absorb any trace, which would then be indelible.
You can also use industrial cleaners especially against mold and fungi. Study the consequences on the surrounding vegetation, if any, and on the tiles themselves. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from specialists and to read documentation and instructions scrupulously.

A natural paste to strip

Your tiled terrace has suffered the rigors of winter. The flower pots have left their mark, the birds have forgotten, grease stains remind the last barbecue, but the snow had covered everything. Before using the major means, arm yourself with patience and opt for these classic cleaning products who made their classes in the field of cleaning.
Here is the recipe for a scouring paste made from white vinegar, baking soda, lemon and coarse salt, ingredients that are easy to find and very affordable.

Steps to follow, plan a basin wide enough to allow a broom brush to soak up the mixture.
Dial the dough with:

  • half a pack of baking soda
  • a tablespoon of White vinegar
  • a half a lemon
  • mix everything and add a half-pack of coarse salt.

wet your broom with water and dip it in the bowl. Rub your tile with emphasis on stains and joints. Leave the paste for a few minutes on stubborn stains. Then rinse with a mop.

To note. You can repeat these operations in the fall as in the spring, your tiles will shine like new, without losing the brilliance of his email.

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